George Raftopoulos held his first solo show when he was still in his third year of university at only 20 years of age. He has been exhibiting ever since in Australia and internationally in New York, Hong Kong and Paris. He has a relentless energy and rebellious attitude which comes through in his art.

I had been aware of Raftopoulos’ work for some time but it wasn’t until I started following him on Instagram that I really got a sense of what his art was about. His prolific output, imagination, humour and bold aesthetic were something I used to look forward to on my feed. Then suddenly one day he deleted it all!  I thought – what is going on? Well, I found out in this interview.

We talk about his early years when his was the only Greek family in the small NSW town of Grenfell, the moment in his teenage years which defined which direction his life would take, his process, inspiration, purpose and the effect of the internet on the art world.

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IMG_0380 (1)

George Raftopoulos in front of his recent work ‘The Raw RΩAR’



‘Aeschylus of the Underworld’ 150 x 180cm, oil on polyester (2010)


‘The ROSE of no mans LAND’, 2017, mixed media on Japanese linen, 183cm x 183cm





Greco Corroborree

‘GRECCO corroborree’


2 thoughts on “Ep #4 George Raftopoulos

  1. Jimmy Ray Flynn

    Thank you.

    I so enjoyed this conversation, catching a glimpse into the soul, the talent, that is, George Raftopoulos.

    LOVE this man.



  2. Dani h

    Wow . This series is up close personal & insightful.
    Great door open to the mystery and force of artistry.
    George is that a true Artist in a sometimes mundane reworked SRT world.
    This series is profound. Thank you. ( a positive outcome of Instagram etc)

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