When I started this podcast I thought 40 minutes should be the maximum length of each episode, but that meant leaving out some interesting parts of the conversation.

So here are a few clips from those interviews which didn’t make it into the original episodes – a mixture of ideas on painting, life experiences and childhood memories. The artists are:

Francis Giacco
Katherine Hattam
Louise Hearman
George Raftopoulos
Abdul Abdullah
Joanna Braithwaite
Nick Stathopoulos
John Bokor
Lucy Culliton
Susan O’Doherty
Euan Macleod
Juliet Holmes à Court

I’ve had an enjoyable 6 months getting the last 12 episodes to you and look forward to bringing you more in 2017 after a bit of a break –  I’ll be back in late January with some more conversations with great Australian painters.

So, until then, keep safe and thanks for listening!

Maria Stoljar


Works we refer to in this episode:

 Abdul Abdullah


‘You see monsters’ Abdul Abdullah Type C print 2014

Lucy Culliton


‘Good Room Spring’ 2010