Armed with her favourite palette knife which she’s used for the last 10 years, Amanda Penrose Hart dynamically captures the landscape in paint both en plein air and in her studio.

She won the Gallipoli Art Prize this year with her painting ‘The Sphinx, Perpetual Peace’ and her upcoming show at King Street Gallery on William in Sydney will be her 25th solo show. She has won and been shortlisted in other art awards and her portraits have been recognised in the Portia Geach Memorial Award and the Salon des Refusés on numerous occasions.

Over the years Hart has depicted countless landscapes. From the coastal vistas of Moonee Beach in northern NSW and Bruny island in Tasmania, to the drier landscapes of Fowler’s Gap, Hill End and Sofala, Hart captures the landscape with a sweep of paint which captures the mood of her surroundings.

She’s also been involved in projects with other well known Australian painters, travelling to historic sites including Anzac Cove in Turkey and the Western Front in France, returning home with plein air paintings and ideas for new works.

In this episode Hart talks about how she got started, those painting trips, commissions and how to get bugs off oil paintings as well as lots more – all with a wonderfully dry sense of humour!

Click here to see a short video of Amanda Penrose Hart talking with Maria Stoljar in the King Street Gallery stockroom in the lead up to her September 2017 show

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‘The Sphinx, Perpetual Peace’, oil on linen, 153 x 214cm  Winner of 2017 Gallipoli Art Prize

‘Shark Island’ 2017, oil on canvas, 95 x 180cm

‘Bay’ 2017, oil on canvas, 38 x 52cm

‘Sofala’, 2017, oil on canvas 90 x 120cm

‘The Red Scarf’, oil on paper, portrait of Elisabeth Cummings

‘Roddy Meagher’ 2011, oil on canvas, 80 x 100cm

‘Pearly’, 2017, oil on canvas, 38 x 51cm

‘Fields of France’ 2017 oil on board 24 x 73cm

‘Looking Towards Lone Pine’, 2015, oil on canvas, 38 x 52cm

Drawings from Moonee Beach, April 2016  (APH Instagram)



4 thoughts on “Ep #30 Amanda Penrose Hart

  1. Camilla Palmer

    Hi Maria,
    I was recommended your podcast by an AirBnB guest of mine who is also an old friend of yours – Vivi. I have listened to every episode and really love the show. Your enthusiasm for each artist’s work is really lovely and you make them feel so comfortable to open up. As a portrait painter I really love listening to artist’s discuss their processes and intimate relationships with their work – until this podcast I haven’t been able to find anything quite like it which gives access to an artist’s process like this.
    Anyway, I look forward to listening to future episodes. Well done!


      Thanks very much Camilla! I also love painting portraits and I know what you mean about hearing artists talk about their process. Thanks for listening. M

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