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I was born in Newcastle, Australia, and moved to Sydney to study when I was 17. I ended up working as a lawyer for 10 years but I’d always loved drawing and managed to get to evening life drawing classes after work. After a few years’ raising children, I decided to try drawing and painting full time and trained at Julian Ashton Art School and Waverley Woollahra Art School.

Talking With Painters came about when I was looking for a podcast to listen to in the studio. I loved listening to Richard Fidler’s Conversations (if you’re not listening to that do yourself a favour and put it on your podcast app!) but wanted to hear more conversations of painters talking about painting.  I stumbled across a couple of American podcasts doing that sort of thing but I really wanted to hear from Australian painters. So that’s how it all started.

The podcast is full of the personal stories of the painters of Australia  – not only as to how they live and work as artists but how they became an artist in the first place and what they’re working on now.

You can also find Talking With Painters on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Maria Stoljar