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Susan O’Doherty is a contemporary painter who also works in mixed media assemblages which she creates with found objects.  Her work often deals with social issues but also examines the nature of time, recollections and past experiences.

She has exhibited in over 25 solo shows across Australia and New Zealand and has been involved in many more group exhibitions.

Her current work deals with the issues she’s been focussing on in the last few years, particularly the treatment of women in our society and the violence which exists not only in our communities but also in the home. She addresses these themes in her upcoming Sydney show ‘Pinned to the Wall’. Her work is also touring the country in another show, ‘Moving House’, which is a collaboration with her partner, artist Peter O’Doherty, and looks at life when the family is frequently on the move.

She also painted over 450 portraits for her 2008 show ‘900 Eyes – Domestic Lives’ and we talk about how she went about preparing for that exhibition.

Susan also gives great insights into the nature of creativity and what it means to make art.

All works we mention in the show are on this page.

Feature photo:  Susan O’Doherty in front of her painting ‘A Relationship’

Upcoming exhibitions




‘Out of Step’ 2015 acrylic on canvas 167 x 152cm



‘Walking on Eggshells’ 110cm x 120cm x 10cm mixed media assemblage



‘Wallflowers’ 130cm x 109cm x 8cm  mixed media assemblage



‘Pinned to the Wall’ 110 x 120 x 30cm



Part of the exhibition ‘900 Eyes – Domestic lives’, 2008, Manly Art Gallery and Museum



Susan O’Doherty in front of her mixed media assemblage ‘A Beautiful home’ (2015)