He only started painting about 18 months ago, but Jordy Kerwick has caught the attention of art dealers and curators across the world.

As this episode goes online, his first solo show opens at Lindberg Galleries, in Melbourne, Australia. His next will be in New York’s Anna Zorina Gallery and will be followed by another five group shows which are coming up in Europe and the US.

Kerwick attributes part of his success to the power of Instagram, where he has a substantial following – and it’s growing daily. It’s there that he’s connected and made friends with other artists which has fuelled his love of painting with the exchange of images and ideas.

But just a glance at his work is enough to see why he is in such hot demand. His mark making, brushstroke and use of colour create an emotion and vibrancy which has drawn in his followers.

Hear in this conversation how Kerwick’s wife Rachael was a major influence in his taking up painting, how his sons inspire him both in his art and in his life, and how music and Instagram have played a role in making him one of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists.

To hear the podcast conversation with Jordy Kerwick and Maria Stoljar press ‘Play’ above and scroll down to see the works we talk about on the show. Photos courtesy of the artist and Lindberg Galleries

Upcoming solo shows

Links to things and people we talk about on the show


‘Time of the Assassins’, oil on canvas

‘Williamstown Winter’, oil on canvas, 71 x 91cm

Flowers 1-6, oil on canvas, 60 x 70cm

‘She Smiled Sweetly’, oil on canvas, 71 x 91cm

‘Protagonist’, oil on canvas, 90 x 106cm

‘Sunset in Daylesford’, oil on canvas, 40 x 50cm

‘Untitled’, oil on canvas, 35 x 46cm


‘There is No Wolf Like the Present’, oil on canvas, 50 x 60cm

‘Good Luck Charm #3″, 2016, oil, acrylic on canvas, 91.4 x 76.2cm

‘Untitled’, oil on canvas, 70 x 90cm